Climate Change Authority

Climate Change Authority

The Climate Change Authority provides independent, expert advice on climate change policy. The Authority is established under the Climate Change Authority Act 2011.

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Clarification—misleading report

The Climate Change Authority is aware that a report released on 5 September 2016 incorrectly purports to be a minority report to the Authority’s third and final report of its special review, Towards a Climate Policy Toolkit. The report released this morning was not released or endorsed by the Authority, and has no status as an Authority report.  

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Towards a climate policy toolkit

The Authority has completed its Special Review of Australia’s climate goals and policies, requested by the Minister for the Environment. Report Three of the review, Towards a climate policy toolkit, recommends a toolkit of policies Australia should adopt to implement the outcomes from the Paris climate change agreement.

As part of the Special Review, the Authority evaluated several emissions reduction policies for Australia’s electricity supply sector. Policy options for Australia’s electricity supply sector provides a detailed explanation of the Authority’s electricity sector analysis.

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Authority welcomes historic climate accord

The Climate Change Authority today welcomed the historic climate accord reached in Paris at the weekend. As anticipated the agreement commits the signatories to be bound to their individual targets with 5 yearly reviews aimed at strengthening the agreement over time.

Above all, the almost 200 nations have committed to a temperature increase "well below" 2 degrees, putting the science at the heart of the policy framework.

The Authority will consider the outcomes from COP21 in Paris in its 3rd and final report on Australia’s climate policy actions due to be released in June 2016. 

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Draft report of the Special Review: Australia’s climate policy options

The Authority’s second draft report in its Special Review invites a fresh conversation about Australia’s climate policy options. The report looks at the full range of emissions reduction policies, including the various types of emissions trading schemes. It explains how the Authority will evaluate the policy options, based on three key principles: cost effectiveness, environmental effectiveness and equity. The report also looks at how climate policies can affect international competitiveness.

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Authority observations on Australia’s post-2020 emissions reduction target

The Government announced a target of 26‑28 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030 for Australia on 11 August 2015. This statement sets out the Authority’s observations on the target.

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