Climate Change Authority

Climate Change Authority

The Authority, established on 1 July 2012, provides independent advice on the operation of Australia’s carbon price, emissions reduction targets, caps and trajectories, and other Australian Government climate change initiatives. The Authority is established under the Climate Change Authority Act 2011.

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Review of the Carbon Farming Initiative

The Climate Change Authority is proceeding with its statutory review of the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI), which must be completed by 31 December 2014.

The Review will draw on other review and policy processes, including a study published by the Authority earlier this year, Coverage, Additionality and baselines—Lessons from the Carbon Farming Initiative and other schemes and, where relevant to the CFI, the government’s Emissions Reduction Fund White Paper.

The Authority is currently identifying the scope and priorities for its Review. In the coming weeks the Authority will invite all interested stakeholders to contribute.

Using international units to help meet Australia's emissions reduction targets

This research paper, published in July 2014, provides more information about the benefits and risks of using international units, the types of units that would be suitable for Australia to use, the availability and costs of those units, and arrangements for actually purchasing those units.

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Light vehicle emission standards for Australia

This new research report proposes mandatory emissions standards for light vehicles in Australia, commencing in 2018. The new standards could almost double the efficiency of the new vehicle fleet by 2025, save motorists thousands of dollars and significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions.

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International climate action: priorities for the next agreement

This research paper, released on 23 June 2014, identifies key priorities for international co-operation on climate change that will encourage greater national emissions reductions.

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