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Special Review

The Minister for the Environment has requested a Special Review under Part 3 of the Climate Change Authority Act 2011. The terms of reference for the  Review include whether Australia should have an emission trading scheme and any conditions for introducing such a scheme. It requires the Authority to consider whether the climate policies of other countries, including the USA, China, Japan, Republic of Korea and the European Union are equivalent to an emissions trading scheme. The Authority must also consider what Australia’s contribution should be to an effective and equitable global response to climate change.

Timing of release for the electricity paper and third report of the Special Review

In light of the time taken to form government and appoint the Hon Josh Frydenberg MP as the Minister for the Environment and Energy following the Federal election, the Climate Change Authority has decided with regret that there is no longer time for meaningful consultation on its paper on policies that could be used to reduce emissions in the electricity generation sector, and for the outcomes of that consultation to inform its work for the third report of the Special Review.  

The Authority has therefore decided that it will release the electricity paper and the third report of the Special Review together, by the end of August 2016.

The Authority has made good progress on the Special Review in the election period. The Authority has drawn on submissions on the second report of the Special Review (which was released in November 2015 for consultation) in developing its thinking on policies that could be put in place for the electricity generation sector as well as the broader economy.

The Authority thanks the many individuals and organisations that made submissions on emissions reduction policy during the Special Review.

The third report of the Special Review will cover the policies the Authority recommends that Australia should implement to meet the outcomes of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

The Special Review has three phases:

  1. Post-2020 targets: the Authority released a draft report on Australia’s emissions reduction targets for public consultation in April 2015, and its final report on targets on 2 July 2015. The Authority recommendations include a target of 30 per cent below 2000 levels by 2025
  2. Emissions trading: the Authority released a draft report on Australia's climate policy options on 30 November 2015
  3. Australia’s action: the Authority will recommend what action Australia should take to implement outcomes flowing from the Paris climate conference in its final report.

How can I be involved in the Authority’s Review?

Submissions on the Authority's draft report on Australia's climate policy options closed on 19 February 2016. Submissions are available here.

If you are interested in being involved in further consultation processes, please subscribe to the Authority's mailing list for alerts and updates.

Publications in the Special Review

Australia's climate policy options

The Authority’s draft report considers the full range of policy options, including the various types of emissions trading, and how the Authority proposes to evaluate them. Submissions to this report will inform the Authority as it considers the toolbox of policies Australia should use to meet its emissions reduction targets.

Policies for the electricity sector

Comparing emissions reduction policies for the electricity sector

The Climate Change Authority is analysing the electricity sector as part of its Special Review. This analysis will include modelling of a range of illustrative policies for reducing electricity sector emissions. The Authority will evaluate the policies by comparing their performance across a range of quantitative and qualitative indicators of effectiveness, efficiency and equity.

Australia's future emissions reduction targets

First report of the Special Review: Australia's future emissions reduction targets

The Climate Change Authority recommends an emissions reduction target of 30 per cent below 2000 levels by 2025. The report, release in July 2015, completed the first phase of the Special Review of Australia’s climate action requested by the Minister for the Environment.

Draft report on Australia’s future emissions reduction targets

The first draft report of the Special Review recommends future emissions reduction targets for Australia. The draft report is intended as an input into the Government’s deliberations on Australia’s targets; the Government announced Australia’s targets  August 2015.

Comparing countries’ emissions targets: A practical guide

As a key consideration in the Authority’s first draft report for the Special Review, the Authority will consider how Australian targets compare to other countries’. The guide explains the criteria that the Authority uses for these comparisons and includes examples.