The Climate Change Authority strives for best practice community consultation, including taking account of the views and concerns of Australians whose voices and experiences are not always heard. We intend to treat consultation as an opportunity to drive positive change in Australia’s net zero transformation journey.

When engaging, the authority will listen in an open way and use the input we receive, along with information from other sources, when formulating our advice to government on the response to climate change.

We aim to engage and consult broadly to represent a variety of experiences and perspectives, including by engaging directly with communities, industry stakeholders, non-government organisations, First Nations peoples, and a broad range of experts, research institutes and governments.

The authority has released an Engagement Strategy 2023-25 that is our ongoing commitment to:

  • better understand the ways Australians experience climate change and the economic response to it.
  • increase awareness of the challenges and opportunities Australia faces into the future.
  • build community understanding of the advice we provide. 

Read our Engagement Strategy 2023-25 for more information.

Copyright in submissions we’ve received 

The authority is committed to a principle of transparency and we aim to make our information available on an open and reusable basis where possible. This includes on our website and social media channels.  

However, the submissions we receive and publish are the property of their authors, and we are unable to make them available for re-use by the public under a Creative Commons licence. 

Using material we publish

You must check and comply with the licensing information for any published material you wish to use. We will seek to make this information clear and easy to access, through notices in publications and specific webpages.

For material produced by us, unless we say otherwise it is available for further use without the need for you to seek further permission, under a CC:BY licence.

In some cases, such as in relation to submissions or where we’ve mentioned in a report that specific material is owned by someone else, you may need to contact us or a third-party copyright owner for permission to use material. We will seek to specify author details where possible. You may also use material in accordance with your rights under the Copyright Act 1968.(Opens in a new tab/window) For example, under the fair dealing provisions or statutory licences. 

Using material in a way that isn’t permitted may be an infringement of copyright. Infringing copyright may expose you to legal action by, and liability to, the copyright owner. 

Contact us:

Contact us to request permission to use material for purposes outside terms stated here or on the material. 

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