Legislative reviews



The review provides the Authority’s advice on the use of international carbon offsets in the context of the Paris Agreement, focusing on the Australian Government’s Climate Active program and Indo-Pacific Carbon Offsets Scheme.


9 October 2020: The Authority published it third legislative review of the Emissions Reduction Fund.


21 December 2018: The Climate Change Authority has published its latest five-yearly legislative review of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting legislation.

31 May 2018: The National Wind Farm Commissioner was appointed by the Australian Government in late 2015 in response to community concerns about wind farms. At that time, the Government said it would review the role in 2018.


11 December, 2017: The Climate Change Authority has released its latest legislative review of the Emissions Reduction Fund.

2 June 2017: The Authority and Australian Energy Market Commission have published Towards the next generation: delivering affordable, secure and lower emissions power - a joint response to the Government's request for advice on policies to enhance Australia's power system security and reduce electricity prices consistent with achieving Australia's emissions reduction targets in the Paris Agreement.


2 July 2014: The Climate Change Authority's response to the Minister for the Environment's request that it review whether Australia should have an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) has been published.


The Climate Change Authority completed its first statutory review of the Renewable Energy Target scheme in December 2012 and has an obligation to review the scheme by the end of 2014.

22 December 2014: The Climate Change Authority released its statutory review of the Carbon Farming Initiative. The Authority evaluated the performance of the CFI to date; considered the extent to which the design of Emissions Reduction Fund (which replaces the CFI) improves on the CFI; and discusses the contribution the ERF could make to Australia’s emissions reduction goals for 2020 and beyond.

27 February 2014: The Climate Change Authority has completed its Review of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. The Targets and Progress Review addressed two broad topics: