The Climate Change Authority is reviewing the potential technology transition and emission pathways that will best support Australia’s transition to net zero emissions by 2050 for the following sectors: 

  • agriculture and land
  • built environment
  • electricity and energy
  • industry and waste
  • resources
  • transport.

Our review will identify:

(a)    existing and prospective opportunities to achieve emissions reductions;

(b)    which technologies may be deployed in each sector to support emissions reductions;

(c)    how public and private finance can support and align with these emission pathways;

(d)    barriers to implementation, such as short-term or longer-term pressures on cost and supply chains and the pace of technology commercialisation;

(e)    workforce matters, including skills and opportunities for women;

(f)    any gaps in existing evidence and data; and

(g)    any other relevant factors.

…and we will take into consideration:

(a)    the principles for the Climate Change Authority set out in section 12 of the Climate Change Authority Act 2011(Opens in a new tab/window), including the global goals in Article 2 of the Paris Agreement(Opens in a new tab/window) and boosting economic, employment and social benefits; and

(b)    the range of emissions reductions achievable through the deployment of available and prospective technologies.

The Australian Parliament referred this review to the authority under section 59 of the Climate Change Authority Act (2011).

We will submit the review report to the Minister for Climate Change and Energy by 1 August 2024 and publish it soon afterwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Register as an expert advisor: Analysts at the Climate Change Authority regularly reach out to experts for help with tricky topics. We’re currently compiling a register of experts willing to take questions to inform our Sector Pathways Review. If you are an expert on technologies that can support Australia’s decarbonisation and would like to share your knowledge and ideas, please submit a short expression of interest outlining your area of expertise to 

Make a submission: The authority’s 2024 Issues Paper, Targets, Pathways and Progress, was released for open consultation from 11 April to 14 May 2024.

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Opportunities to engage with us in 2024: 

Alt text: opportunities to engage with the Climate Change Authority in 2024 shown on a horizonal timeline. January – March expert engagement.  Febrary – May roundtables and roadshows. April – May interim paper published early April. Submissions are due in May. May – August webinars to discuss the 2035 targets project. August sectoral pathways review will be submitted and published. October – December 2035 targets advice and 2024 Annual Progress Report submitted and published.

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