Tracking progress

In the course of preparing its 2023 Annual Progress Report, the Climate Change Authority examined the progress of Australian Government’s climate-related policies and developed a Climate Policy Tracker, below. The Climate Policy Tracker identifies and records the status of the most important initiatives for reducing emissions and for positioning Australia to be prosperous and resilient in a net zero world.

The Australian Government is pursuing a broad and deep climate change policy agenda. Successful policy implementation will be crucial for achieving Australia’s emissions reduction targets. The authority’s advice, and the government’s annual climate change statements which our advice informs, helps ensure the Australian community is kept up to date about Australia's progress.

The Climate Policy Tracker is intended to complement the regular reporting that the Australian Government is already undertaking in relation to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and climate change policies, including but not limited to the:

  • Annual Climate Change Statements under the Climate Change Act 2022
  • quarterly updates of Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory
  • annual National Inventory Reports to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
  • annual emissions projections reports
  • National Communications on Climate Change and Biennial reports to the UNFCCC.

The Tracker compiles information drawn primarily from official and public sources. It is not intended to present an exhaustive list of Australian Government climate change measures or to suggest that other measures are not also important.

The authority intends over time to update and enhance this first version of the Climate Policy Tracker to improve its usefulness, including expanding it to include key state and territory climate change policies.

View the Climate Policy Tracker here: [PDF]

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