The Climate Change Authority recognises that reconciliation has a crucial role to play in the net zero transition. An inclusive society is more resilient to the impacts of climate change, with greater capacity to withstand the economic changes and shocks that will come with a successful transition of the global economy.

The need to transform the Australian economy provides an opportunity to better involve First Nations peoples in decision-making and sharing in the benefits of the transition. 

By valuing and promoting diverse ways of being, knowing and doing with respect to the lands, waters and air, we hope to help forge a more inclusive national identity: one that recognises the value of respecting each other and Country.

The actions outlined in the authority’s second Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) [PDF] and in the authority’s Engagement Strategy are opportunities to deepen, diversify and enrich the authority's understanding of First Nations priorities and the ongoing impacts of historical events. 

The authority’s first Reflect RAP can be found here.  

Cover artwork: Natalie L. Simmons

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