The Climate Change Act 2022 has expanded the Authority's legislative responsibilities to provide the Minister, as tasked, with advice on:

  • Annual progress advice towards Australia's emissions reduction targets

  • Advice on Australia's current and future emissions reduction targets as Australia's Nationally Determined Contribution to the Paris Agreement.

The Act specifies that in undertaking these additional responsibilities, the Authority must:

  • include advice on the social, employment and economic benefits of any new and adjusted emissions reduction target and associated policies, including on rural and regional Australia

  • include advice on the physical impacts of climate change on Australia, including rural and regional Australia

  • include an explanation of how the any new target has taken into account matters set out in Article 2 of the Paris Agreement, including its global temperature goals of below 2o and limiting the increase to 1.5o above pre-industrial levels

  • make provision for public consultation in formulating its advice to the Minister.

The Minister must respond to the advice submitted by the Authority and table this response to both Houses of Parliament.

2023 Annual Progress Advice Report

The Climate Change Authority’s second Annual Progress Report includes 42 recommendations the authority considers would enhance the prospects of achieving Australia’s targets, and promote a prosperous and resilient Australia in a world transitioning to net zero emissions.

The report, provided to the Minister on 27 October, found that Australia is not yet on track to meet its 2030 emissions reduction target. The Australian Government is pursuing a broad and deep climate change policy agenda, but this has yet to translate into the emissions reductions needed.

Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions were 467 million tonnes in the year ending June 2023, an increase of four million tonnes on the previous year. To achieve a 43% reduction in emissions by 2030 compared with 2005 levels, and net zero emissions by 2050, Australia will need to decarbonise at an average annual rate of 17 million tonnes.

Successful policy implementation will be crucial for achieving Australia’s emissions reduction targets.

Media release

Full Report
Part 1 - Key messages, summary and recommendations
Part 2 – Chapter 1 - Science, impacts and global developments
Part 2 – Chapter 2 - Climate-related wellbeing
Part 2 – Chapter 3 - Reducing emissions
Part 2 – Chapter 4 - Cross-cutting issues
Part 3 - Appendices and references

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