2023 APS Employee Census Results

The Australian Public Service (APS) employee census is an important process that collects information on workforce issues such as employee engagement, leadership, performance management, workplace conditions, culture, and general impressions of the APS.

The Authority achieved a strong participation rate of 74% or 35 of the total 47 authority employees eligible to complete the survey at the cut-off date participated in the survey.

The survey results indicated positive results and significant improvements from the 2022 results across the areas of employee engagement, immediate supervisor leadership, workplace conditions, inclusion, and flexible working, enabling innovation, and wellbeing policies and support. The results identified several improvement opportunities across staff retention, SES management, the provision of suitable tools and resources, and change management.

The authority performed very well against results from other APS agencies achieving the following rankings:

Index Name

CCA Ranking/100

Leadership – Immediate Supervisor


Enabling Innovation


Employee Engagement


Leadership – SES Manager




Wellbeing Policies and Support


Download the Authority’s Census Action Plan and highlights report:
CCA 2023 APS Census Action Plan - PDF
CCA 2023 APS Census Summary - PDF
CCA 2023 APS Census Results - PDF

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