Today our CEO, Brad Archer, is attending the Committee for Economic Development of Australia’s (CEDA) second annual Climate and Energy Forum in Brisbane. Mr Archer participated in a panel discussion at the event, discussing how we can deliver a fair and prosperous net zero future for Australia. 

Mr Archer also recently contributed an opinion article for CEDA(Opens in a new tab/window).

Mr Archer wrote, ‘Accelerating the rollout of proven, cost-effective solutions across the economy is fundamental to meeting the 2030 target and laying the foundations to achieve future, more ambitious targets.

‘The challenges we face also include collectively embracing, planning for and implementing change as a society, and identifying and pursuing new opportunities and new ways of doing things. As we note in our recent consultation paper, planning the pathways and sharing the benefits and burdens will be essential to achieving an orderly and just transition.

‘With a clear strategy, sustained focus and real cooperation, Australia can meet its targets and prosper in a low-emissions world.’ 

Learn more about CEDA’s Climate and Energy Forum(Opens in a new tab/window).

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