2023 Annual Statement of Compliance

The Climate Change Authority (the authority) complies with the requirements of the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework.

The authority is committed to promoting and maintaining a culture that does not permit or tolerate child abuse, neglect or exploitation. The authority has limited direct contact with children but we recognise the important role we all play in ensuring the safety of children and young people.

For this reason, the authority will:

  • ensure staff and contractors are aware of the Framework and the authority’s ongoing commitment.
  • embed child safety and wellbeing into our business processes and workplace culture.
  • ensure the child safety framework is reviewed and the risk assessment is updated and discussed by the Executive Board as part of authority’s risk management and governance planning.

The authority completed a Commonwealth Child Safety Risk Assessment and will take action to minimise key risks identified, including:

  • lack of staff awareness of the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework
  • the potential for harm to children and young people by third party providers and suppliers

The identified risk rating is currently minor. The risk rating is expected to decrease to low once the risk controls and initiatives are embedded into business processes and workplace culture.

The authority will make information, education and training available to all staff and contractors focused on promoting and creating a culture that promotes a safe environment that protects children and young people.

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