6 March 2018: The Authority tasked by the Government to review the Commissioner's role in 2018.

The National Wind Farm Commissioner was appointed by the Australian Government in late 2015 in response to community concerns about wind farms. At that time, the Government said it would review the role in 2018.

The Minister for the Environment and Energy, Josh Frydenberg, has asked the Climate Change Authority to consider to what extent the Commissioner is fulfilling its terms of reference, the ongoing need for the role, its scope and possible models for funding.

Terms of Reference for the Review

National Wind Farm Commissioner(Opens in a new tab/window)


Wind Prospect Pty Ltd
Meridian Energy Australia Pty Ltd
Western Australian Department of Water and Environmental Regulation
WestWind Energy
Hepburn Wind
Municipal Association of Victoria
Bruce and Noeleen Hazell
The Hon Gordon Rich-Phillips MLC
Clean Energy Council
Hydro Tasmania
Senvion Australia Pty Ltd
Office of the Hon Ben Franklin MLC
Energy Developments Pty Ltd - cover letter
Energy Developments Pty Ltd - attachment
Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy Corporation Limited
Clean Energy Finance Corporation
Australian Wind Alliance
AGL Energy Ltd
The Australian Renewable Energy Agency
Regional Development Victoria - cover letter
Regional Development Victoria - attachment
Moyne Shire Council
Civil Aviation Safety Authority - cover letter
Civil Aviation Safety Authority - attachment
Amy Kean, Renewable Energy Advocate
John Carter
Janet Collins
Infigen Energy Limited
Lal Lal Environment Protection Association Inc
Alex Arbuthnot AM
Melon Pastoral Pty Ltd
Goldwind Australia Pty Ltd
Kris McMillan
Friends of the Earth Australia
Paul and Jennifer Lewis
Jenny Holmes
Dr Fiona Crichton
National Health and Medical Research Council
Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
Emeritus Professor Simon Chapman
Rikki Nicholson
Christine Jelbart
Jan Hetherington
Southern Grampians Landscape Guardians
Crispin Trist
3M Pastoral Company
Donald Thomas
Gunther Wilhelm and Bernadette Janssen
John Zakula
John Zakula - attachment A
John Zakula - attachment B
Ken Draffen
Melissa Ware
Michelle Evans
Sonia Trist
Waubra Foundation


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