The Climate Change Authority released the second draft report of its Special Review on Australia’s climate goals and policies in November 2015. The Authority is encouraging a fresh conversation on which policies Australia should use to meet its climate targets. Over 60 submissions were received on the second draft report.

The draft report on Australia’s climate policy options is the second part of the Authority’s Special Review as requested by the Minister for the Environment. The Authority will look at the full range of policies, including the various types of emissions trading schemes.

The draft report lays out how the Authority will evaluate the policy options, based on three key principles: cost effectiveness, environmental effectiveness and equity. The report also looks at how climate policy can affect international competitiveness.

The Authority invited submissions from all interested Australians on the policies Australia should use to meet its emissions reduction targets. A broad and inclusive national conversation about the right tools is important so that Australia contributes to global efforts to avoid dangerous climate change.


  • Draft report: Australia’s climate policy options doc pdf

  • Data underlying the charts in the report excel

  • Chair's statement on the draft report


N2O Avoidance methodology
Australian Aluminium Council
Sydney Water
Barbara J. Fraser
Angus Atkinson
Gas Energy Australia
Local Government Association of South Australia
Future Business Council
Public Health Association of Australia
Alan Pears

The Wilderness Society - submission

The Wilderness Society - attachment

Stephen Miller
National Farmers Federation
Rio Tinto
Doctors for the Environment Australia
Master Electricians Australia
Ian Wallis
Australian Financial Markets Association
Australian Landfill Owners Association
U3A Climate Conversation Group
Kimberley Land Council
WWF Australia
Cement Industry Federation
Australian Forest Products Association
Energy Users Association of Australia
Greenpeace Australia Pacific
Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union
Murray Scott
Stephen Pollard et al.
Alex Nicolson Citizens Climate Lobby Volunteer
Local Government NSW
Carbon Market Institute
John Gare
Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association
ClimateWorks Australia
Minerals Council of Australia
Hydro Tasmania
Citizens' Climate Lobby Australia
John Chapman
Centre for Resources, Energy and Environmental Law
Australian Pipelines and Gas Association
Investor Group on Climate Change
Australian Industry Greenhouse Network

Meta Economics Consulting Group - submission

Meta Economics Consulting Group - attachment

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

APPEA - submission

APPEA - attachment

Climate and Health Alliance
NSW Farmers' Association
Australian Energy Council
ACT Government - Environment and Planning
Refrigerants Australia
Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets
John C.V. Pezzey and Frank Jotzo
Australian Gas Networks
Energy Networks Association
The Climate Institute

Harley Wright - submission

Harley Wright - attachment

Harley Wright - further comments

Energy Australia
Business Council of Australia
International Emissions Trading Association
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