The Authority has made a submission in response to The Treasury’s climate-related financial disclosure consultation paper.

The consultation paper seeks views on key considerations for the design and implementation of standardised, internationally‑aligned requirements for disclosure of climate‑related financial risks and opportunities in Australia.

The Authority’s submission aligns with its views on the need for companies to identify and manage climate-related risks and that the adoption of net zero emissions reduction targets in the corporate sector should be backed by detailed, practical plans outlining how net zero targets will be achieved.

Specifically, investors and the broader community should be informed of the investment decisions companies are intending to make in new, low and zero emitting production processes, when these technologies will be implemented in production systems, and the volume and type of offsets, if any, being included in plans to deliver on emissions reduction commitments.

You can view the Authority’s submission here.

Date: Wednesday, 08 March 2023

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