The Climate Change Authority has today released its draft report on Australia’s climate policy options. This is the second report in its Special Review of Australia’s climate change policies and goals.

Australia and the world are negotiating a framework for climate action beyond 2020. The Government has set targets for 2020 and 2030, and may agree to progressively strengthen targets as part of an agreement in Paris. Australia will need new, stable policies to meet its current and future targets.

The Authority’s draft report invites a fresh conversation about Australia’s climate policy options. It poses questions and invites feedback on the merits of different approaches. The Authority is considering a range of policy options to reduce Australia’s emissions, including different types of emissions trading.

The draft report lays out how the Authority will evaluate the policy options, based on three key principles: cost effectiveness, environmental effectiveness and equity. The report also looks at how climate policy can affect international competitiveness.

The Authority wants to hear from interested Australians. Their views will inform the final report of the Special Review due by 30 June 2016. In the final report, the Authority will recommend the actions Australia should take following the international climate negotiations in Paris.

Date: Monday, 30 November 2015

Media contact

Name: Aileen Muldoon
Agency: Climate Change Authority
Contact number: 0419 112 503

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