The Climate Change Authority today released its review of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting legislation. The National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting legislation establishes the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting scheme, the safeguard mechanism and the framework for administration and compliance, including auditing requirements for these and other climate change policies.

The Authority found the legislation is working well, is meeting its objectives and is generally fit for purpose.

The Climate Change Authority Chair, Dr Wendy Craik, said ‘We heard from industry, governments and others that they find the information reported under the legislation to be useful, whether it be the Australian Government meeting its international reporting obligations, investors assessing climate risks, or businesses identifying energy efficiency opportunities.’

‘People we spoke to value the fact the reporting scheme is underpinned by robust methods, which provide a high-quality, nationally-consistent dataset.’

The Authority found the reporting scheme is widely considered to be a best-practice approach to measuring and reporting emissions and energy, and compares favourably to schemes in other countries. In its first year of operation (2016–17), all facilities covered by the safeguard kept their net emissions at or below their baselines. Facilities with safeguard obligations are generally comfortable with its operation and the options for meeting their baselines, however, many called for clarity around its future operation.

Although the Authority finds the legislation is meetings its objectives, there are opportunities for improvements to reduce costs and enhance administration of the legislation. Taken individually, each opportunity for improvement may be seen as incremental. Collectively, they can make an important contribution to building on the schemes’ strengths and improving their overall efficiency and effectiveness.

The Climate Change Authority is an independent statutory agency, established to provide expert advice on climate change policy. The Authority is required by legislation to review the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting legislation by 31 December 2018 and then complete further reviews every five years.

Date: Friday, 21 December 2018

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