17 July 2020: Economic Recovery, Resilience and Prosperity After the Coronavirus highlights Authority recommendations that could contribute to a ‘triple-win’ economic stimulus package in response to the economic impacts of COVID-19.  

By taking account of the risks and opportunities, stimulus measures could help build Australia’s resilience to the economic impacts of a changing climate and position it to take advantage of our abundant clean energy resources and emerging low-emissions technologies. It’s a win-win-win opportunity for economic recovery, resilience and prosperity in a low-emissions world

The report identifies six areas that present triple-win stimulus opportunities:

  • boosting jobs and reducing costs with energy productivity
  • accelerating the transition to clean, reliable and affordable electricity
  • supporting industry growth and competitiveness
  • investing in electric vehicles
  • enhancing agriculture and natural environments
  • fostering innovation, technology, research and development. 

Download the report: (PDF) (Word)


The Climate Change Authority consulted widely for its related report Prospering in a Low-Emissions World: An Updated Climate Policy Toolkit for Australia, released in March 2020. We received 67 written submissions and held meeting over 50 organisations. 

Further consultation in May and June 2020 sought input from Government agencies involved in the COVID-19 stimulus response and with industries and civil society organisations. The Authority is grateful to those individuals and organisations who contributed time and expertise. 

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