The Climate Change Authority has prepared a series of fact sheets to provide information on a range of climate change issues

Fact sheet on Climate Change PDF

Greenhouse gases enhance the natural greenhouse effect by trapping more heat in the Earth’s atmosphere than would be the case without human activity, leading to changes in our climate.

Fact sheet on Global Emissions PDF

Australia is the world’s 14th largest emitter producing 1 per cent of global emissions.

Fact sheet on the Paris Agreement PDF

188 Parties have ratified the Paris Agreement. Ratifying parties have made commitments to take practical steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Fact sheet on Australia’s electricity sector PDF

Electricity generation is Australia’s largest source of emissions, but electricity emissions have been decreasing since 2009.

Fact sheet on Australia’s industrial sector PDF

Emissions from Australia’s industrial sector arise mainly from manufacturing and mining (including oil and gas).

Fact sheet on Australia’s transport sector PDF

Transport makes up 19 per cent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and has been steadily increasing.

Fact sheet on Australia’s agriculture sector PDF

Agriculture is responsible for 13 per cent of Australia’s emissions in 2019.

Fact sheet on Australia’s forestry and land use sector PDF

Forestry and land use have stored more emissions than they released since 2015.

Fact sheet on Australia’s waste sector PDF

Waste emissions come from organic matter decaying in landfills and processing and treatment of wastewater.

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